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 About us:

Patsy has developed a wide ranging number of designs in various silk Screen and Embroidery finishes to help turn your Sports Team,School or business from ordinary into the extraordinary. Her design team has an inspiring duty that draws from a variety of influences. 

My business was founded in 2007 when I was put into the situation of having to make a living to support myself and my two little girls. Being someone that played alot of sports , I contacted the people I knew (sports coaches, schools and businesses)  and supplied them with silk screen and embroidery products that they needed.  With alot of support from my family, the response was immediately overwhelming. Starting with a laptop sitting on my bed to just recently having my own shop where we do our own printing and embroidery. Patsys is commited to giving customers the best product and service.

Our Goals

  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To  promote an inclusive workplace and help the community.



Patsy's Silk Screening and Embroidery. 205 Suite C Tuckerton Road. Meford, Nj 08055.
Phone: (856) 983-1317.  Fax: (856) 810-1228